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About Maria Ogden

How do you write an autobiography? How do you write about the things that brought you to this place? How weird is it that I used to steal my Mother’s maple clothespins, and carve them with an exacto knife into little animals when I was seven years old? I don’t know! It’s just something I could not “not” do. Because my Dad was the owner and president of a flourishing tool and die company; my twin brother and I became adept in using tools at an early age.

I had an Uncle who designed for the jewelry company “Cartier” back in the 1930’s, who lived within five miles of our home. He was always willing to show me pieces he was working on, and gems from his collection. He was a kind man and encouraged me to carve in more exotic woods like ebony, zebra wood, and mahogany which he supplied. He introduced me to a partner in business who owned a beautiful jewelry store in Morristown, NJ just a hop from my hometown East Hanover. His name was Tony Cattano, and a kinder man would have been hard to find. He asked me to carve in wax (we use the lost wax casting method) a few pieces, and as I learned the method of model making; he recognized the untapped talent and God given gift. He introduced me to so many people in a business that you only get in to if you’re invited.

The recognition that the Lord inspires and freely gives the “gift” lends a freedom of expression, and joy in creation not equaled for me in any other venue.

I just love when He gives me a new thing to make! I see it “complete” before I even pick up a tool. Giving God glory using the gifts He gives, for me, is the most wonderful of blessings.

I hope as you wear any of the pieces of jewelry that you are reminded of God’s goodness in the land of the living, and that you are encouraged, inspired, and motivated in your own personal walk.